Friday, November 16, 2012


1. Alfalfa-
Cancer WILL NOT GROW or METASIZE in an alkaline body. Most American’s ph is very acid. Using 30 to 40 Shaklee Alfalfa per day can help the body's PH become more alkaline--slowly, and/or stopping cancer growth.

2. NutriFeron—
This product is unique to Shaklee. It increases the natural interferon the body can produce. Synthetic interferon is a powerful, but expensive cancer treatment (with some not too nice side effects). Interferon stops tumor production in the body. We have incredible testimonies on its effect for Hepatitis C, and 4 clinical studies on this one product. It is a long-term stimulant for increasing macrophage (big eater) production—important protector cells in the immune system 

3. Carotomax—
This is a complex of carotenoids. including Beta Carotene, Lycopene etc. The mucosal membrane tissue in the body (which is what much of the lung tissue is) needs lots of the carotenoids. They can actually heal damaged tissue. I’ve worked with people with ulcers, damaged tissue in the mucosal membrane lining of the stomach & with people who had vaginal tissue (mucosal membrane) that was showing precancerous cells—when therapeutic levels of Caratomax (10 per day) was introduced—amazing healing happened to the cells. 

4. Vita C—
Mega amounts of vitamin C 10,000 or more milligrams per day—has been shown via the Linus Pauling Clinic to have dramatic effects when the body is fighting disease. It stimulates white blood cell production and the cells of the body that have extra C have a greater chance of reproducing without mutating. Cancer is simply our own cells gone hay wire when reproducing.

5. Soy Protein—
Eliminating animal protein is important and using vegetable proteins are more easily digested and they don’t have all the antibiotic residues etc. that contribute to disease! Protein is the key to energy and the reproduction of healthy cells. 

6 . Herb Lax—
Drugs effect the peristaltic action of the colon. (the natural kneading movement) drugs slow the elimination process way down and many times a patient fighting disease gets backed up and constipated. Eliminating toxicity is very important in healing. 

7. Performance—
Hydration drinks. Even being 1% dehydrated for a person that is not fighting a disease effects, mental ability, and fatigue levels. When you are fighting, you must stay hydrated—lots of purified water, but adding this formulation—you are adding trace minerals that are very important for healing.

##Bonus Product – Get Clean – the cleaners in the home have proven to contribute to many debilitating illnesses including cancer. Remove all toxic cleaners and switch to Get Clean to give your home a clean bill of health and protect your health

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